Alex Blocker is among the 100 people featured in Narkita Gold's "Black in Denver." Featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver from March - August 2021

Play It Forward: Alex Blocker Is Making Music for a Better World

On June 27, Alex Blocker joined around a hundred fellow string musicians outside the Aurora Municipal Center; they wanted to commemorate Elijah McClain, the 23-year-old Black violinist and massage therapist who'd died after a violent encounter with Aurora police in August 2019.

Memorializing Elijah McClain in Song with Olivia Pevec and Alex Blocker

Let Them Roar's Olivia Pevec and guest musician Alex Blocker talk about their song honoring and memorializing Elijah McClain.

Durango Juneteenth celebration draws hundreds

The Juneteenth celebration Friday at Buckley Park in Durango began with electronic music, a person walking on stilts through a crowd of about 200 people and the words of former President Barack Obama. "Juneteenth is a time to recommit ourselves to the work that remains undone.

The Making of "Moonlight Palace" with Alex Blocker

Alex Blocker is becoming known for his boundary-breaking style with a contemporary fusion of R&B, hip-hop, and jazz. Influenced by his Chicago roots, Blocker began his music career producing and recording at YouMedia, an urban creative space in Chicago with previous alumni such as Chance The Rapper, Noname, and Akenya Seymour.

Alex Blocker | The Deli Magazine

Violinist, Producer, and Vocalist Alex Blocker has released a new album called Moonlight Palace . The album blends elements of Hip Hop, Soul, Synth Pop, and Experimental Electronic music create a world and sound that for Alex's vocals to explore. The album opens with "Small Town Romance" and this week Alex released a themed lyric video the track.

Alex Blocker Makes Us Wonder

"Makes Me Wonder II", the newest single from hip hop artist Alex Blocker, finally debuted with a music video that makes us wonder where its been all this time. The single comes from Blocker's previous album release, Heartbreak Radio that seems to float between the common themes of artist's in their 20's - love and love lost.

Black Love | "Makes Me Wonder II" Music Video by Alex Blocker

After recently having been named as "New Colorado Music You Should Know" , R&B/Soul artist, Alex Blocker recently released the second music video for "Makes Me Wonder II", from his recent album, Heartbreak Radio. The single is the perfect summer hip-hop anthem.

We Want To Go To The "Moonlight Palace"

Colorado/Chicago Hip-Hop Artist, Alex Blocker, recently released Moonlight Palace, a full length album showcasing his unique fusion of contemporary hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. Moonlight Palace features eight original songs from Blocker exploring topics of love, life, and family. Comprised of a compilation of stand-alone s

Alex Blocker Bridges Hip-Hop and Classical Music

Durango Musician Alex Blocker doesn't limit himself to one genre. While his songs include hip-hop elements and R&B vibes, he's a classically trained violinist, and he plays the instrument with his live band. Blocker first picked up the violin when he was growing up on Chicago's Southside, after seeing his mom's friend play the instrument.

Local musician Alex Blocker releases new video

Local musician Alex Blocker has released his latest music video, "Makes Me Wonder II," the second video off his latest album, "Heartbreak Radio." He also has a show scheduled for June 24 at Animas City Theatre. Tickets are $5 and are available at

Alex Blocker Releases New Video from 'Heartbreak Radio' for "French 75" Single - BolderBeat

Durango-based artist Alex Blocker is beginning to make quite the name for himself and has become an integral part of the hip-hop community in Colorado. His music can be thought of as an urban travel guide. Influenced by his Chicago roots, Blocker breaks boundaries with a genre-fusing style o

Alex Blocker - French 75 - Stereo Stickman

With each new listen to French 75, the more the details & the ambiance appeal - they sound increasingly original & enjoyable as you familiarise yourself with them, giving the song a touch of longevity; and drawing you in even further towards Alex Blocker as an artist.